Charbhuja ji temple is extremely charming. It has been conceived and built on a grand scale. Shri Charbhuja ji is above the the four principal seats of faith (Chardham). It is a center of Vaishnava faith and devotion. This temple is said to be thousands of years old. Charbhuja ji temple is a great place for salvation. Without visiting the Charbhuja temple, Rajasthan trip can never be complete. Popular belief goes that Shri Charbhuja Ji was worshipped in Dwapar age by Pandavas before proceeding for their last yatra to Himalaya. For protecting it from the invaders, several battles were fought and the idol was submerged in water many a times.

In accordance with Vaishnava sect, daily five times the temple darshan are allowed for devotees. The temple has a high shikhar and the highest shikhar is on the sanctum sanctorum, the shrine of Charbhuja Nath Ji. The middle of the Shikhar has an octagonal round tomb like shape. Adjacent to this are two other round shikhars. The original temple displays an excellent mirror work. In the other courtyard statues of Lord Garud, Nandi and other deities are also installed.

All the pujaris at the temple are from Sudama Gop dynasty or sons of Damodarji. They are divided in three Gotras: Bagadwal, Pancholi and Chauhan. They take care of the temple activities. There are approx 400 families of the Sudapa Gop dynasty who take care of the temple on monthly basis and all the male members of the family stay inside the temple during that time.

Geography and Location

The temple is located in Garhbor village of Rajsamand district. This village is situated in Aravalli ranges. It is 38 km from the district headquarters Rajsamand. Desuri in the Pali district is a nearby village, through which it is connected to the Pali district. Gomati river flows nearby this temple.

The village was named ‘Garhbor’ as the fort was built by Bor Rajputs. Fort means ‘Garh’ in Hindi. The village has a railway station named as Charbhuja Road which is on Mavli Jn- Marwar Jn (MG) section of NWR. The other nearest railhead is Falna on Marwar Jn- Abu Road (BG) section of NWR. The distance between Falna and Charbhuja is 60 kms. The road route to Charbhuja is 10 kms from Gomti Chauraha (cross road). The Gomti chauraha is located on the highway between Udaipur and Ajmer via Bhim. The distance between Shrinathji Nathdwara and Gomti is 43 kms.

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