Archana, Abhishek and Aarti are the daily rituals performed in the Charbhuja ji temple. Devotees offer Bhog and pray for the fulfillment of their Manorath (desire). Bhog is offered alongwith Aarti at five different intervals throughout the day.

Bhog offerings:

  1. Makhan Mishri : Butter mixed with sugar crystals
  2. Labsi Bhog : Sweet porridge
  3. Rice Bhog : Rice, clarified butter and sugar
  4. Raj Bhog : Rice, clarified butter, saffron, dry fruits and sugar
  5. Kasar Bhog:  Wheat flour, clarified butter and sugar
  6. Kesar Doodh :  Milk mixed with saffron and sugar
  7. Gola Mishri : Dry coconut with sugar crystals

Aarti Timings:

  1. Mangala Aarti: 5:30 AM (summer) ; 6 AM (winter)
  2. Raj Bhog Aarti: 12 PM
  3. Uthpan Aarti: 4 PM
  4. Sandhya Aarti: 6:30 PM (winter) ; 7 PM (summer)
  5. Shayan Aarti: 9:15 PM (winter) ; 10 PM (summer)

A devotee can also offer flag to the deity which is hoisted on top of the temple dome.

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